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fun·fair n. Chiefly British.


A funfair or simply fair (e.g. "county fair", "state fair") is a small to medium sized travelling fair primarily comprised of amusement rides.


The Showmen's Guild


The principal object of the Showmen's Guild has remained the same for over 100 years; to protect the interest of its members - travelling showmen who gain their livelihoods by attending funfairs.


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Health & Safety


All of our equipment undergoes rigorous annual safety testing at the start of the season.
We operate to the British safety standard HSG 175.


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Why choose Gallagher's?

Michael and Andrea Gallagher are from traditional travelling showmen families that have over 100 years experience of delivering the highest quality in fairground entertainment. They are dedicated to making your event a success by providing only the very best in funfair attractions.


In addition to supplying funfair rides of all types, they are able to supply catering vans, children's rides and sideshow attractions. From traditional 'Gallopers', Dodgem's and Waltzers to ultra-modern rides like the 'Ride It Out' Twister and the Frisbee; Gallagher's Funfair Hire guarantees a thrilling white-knuckle experience for your event.



Corporate Events


Gallagher's professional, friendly and experienced staff have been with us for many years. Besides providing your event with an excellent service; their knowledge of funfairs will help you to plan the perfect corporate event.


As well as organising the layout with you, Gallagher's will offer advice on what equipment to hire, health and safety precautions, conveniences and accessibility.



Fete's, Gala's, Parties and Fundays


Whatever the occasion, be it a children's party, a wedding or a carnival, Gallagher's can fulfill all of your funfair requirements.


All of our equipment can be assembled, opened and disassembled in a day and the ground will always be left as it was found.


For all of your funfair needs, choose Gallagher's


'Ride It Out' Twister

Suitable for all ages.


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Ice Maze

Suitable for all ages.


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Children's Train Ride

Suitable for children of all ages.


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